We have a long way to go, and the turning point in that journey begins here and today. Mirzoyan

On November 13, the RA Embassy in the United Kingdom organized an official reception in honor of the visit of the RA Foreign Minister to mark the opening of the new building of the RA Embassy in the UK and the start of the RA-UK strategic dialogue.

Members of the UK Parliament attended the event, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, and Development, the Armenian community in the UK, and public and political figures.

RA Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan and Director of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Department of the UK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Development Chris Allan, RA Ambassador to the UK, Varouzhan Nersisyan, gave a welcome and congratulatory speech.

Ararat Mirzoyan specifically mentioned this in his speech. "We are here on two critical occasions.

First of all, to celebrate the opening of the new Armenian embassy in the heart of London: For us, this building marks the most critical milestone in Armenia's relations with the United Kingdom and demonstrates the importance we attach to a relationship based on shared values, mutual respect and peace, democracy, and economic development deepening our relationship.

This year, Armenia and Great Britain celebrate the 32nd anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations, but our ties have a history spanning centuries. On these serious foundations, Armenia and the United Kingdom have made significant progress in strengthening political dialogue and economic cooperation, fostering stronger trade ties, and fostering closer interaction between peoples through tourism, education, and culture. The testimony is the opening of a new embassy, building our strong relationship, and our willingness to deepen cooperation.

We are also here to celebrate the establishment of the Strategic Dialogue between Armenia and the UK: This is indeed a new milestone in our bilateral relations, providing us with an expanded framework to strengthen cooperation in the critical areas of regional security, sustainable development, and human rights. Through the Strategic Dialogue, we reaffirm the United Kingdom's commitment to working closely with global challenges and advancing our shared interests.

We have a long way to go, and the critical turning point of that road begins here and today. We seek bilateral cooperation with an even more ambitious agenda through the signing of the Armenia-UK Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement. This agreement will provide us with a solid legal basis to raise relations to a new level for the benefit of both peoples.

Dear guests,

Armenia is proud of our significant progress in building a modern, democratic, market-oriented, open, and vibrant society. We gratefully acknowledge the United Kingdom's continued contribution to this endeavor, and today, Armenia and the United Kingdom stand together as proud democratic countries.

Despite the humanitarian and security challenges that Armenia faces, I want to assure you that we are firmly committed to our democratic aspirations. We continue to focus on opportunities to establish peace, stability, and cooperation in our region. In this context, the Prime Minister of Armenia recently presented a "Peace "Crossroads" project, the core of which is the development of communications through the repair, construction, and operation of roads, pipelines, cables, and power lines. It can play an essential role in connecting the north to the south and the west to the east.

Dear guests,

I am confident that together we can contribute to a global community that values peace and justice, based on solidarity, to face growing challenges together.

I thank everyone for being here today."