The Prime Minister countered the Armenian Church

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan referred to the Mother See's response to his latest statement regarding the Armenian Church.

In response to his words that if the church wants to engage in politics, nothing prevents them from creating a party, the Mother See replied: "If some people want to practice ecclesiology, they can try to be admitted to a theological seminary; if, of course, they overcome the educational threshold set for admission and present convincing arguments regarding their good health."

According to Nikol Pashinyan, some church representatives used offensive language, but he will not retaliate in the same way, "I will only say the following. If, with my statement about the church, I have created a background of inappropriate accusations against many clergy members who carry out their spiritual service piously and honestly; I apologize to them.

I will not counter the accusations of your statement with allegations because insulting political rivals is not the right genre. You see that I am trying to give up that genre."

Pashinyan expressed hope that all persons who graduated from the seminary and held high positions presented sufficient arguments regarding their spiritual, physical, and even sexual health when entering and graduating from the seminary.