"Azerbaijani faction decides whether Anna Hakobyan is a heroic mother or not?" Prime Minister (VIDEO)

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan addressed the issue of whether it was right to detain Gayane Hakobyan, the mother of the fallen soldier.

Pashinyan asked a rhetorical question: why is his wife, Anna Hakobyan, not the mother of a hero? "During combat duty, Ashot fell under shelling with his squad. At that time, his fellow soldier friend, with whom they were sheltering, and were close to each other, died. It is clear to us that no one could decide that Ashot should not be killed. I want to ask a question: if that shrapnel killed Ashot Pashinyan, he would be a hero, but if he was not killed, and that shrapnel passed by him by millimeters, does he become an anti-hero?

If the shrapnel had killed Ashot Pashinyan, Anna Hakobyan would have been a mother who gave birth to a hero. Now that it has passed by millimeters, isn't Anna Hakobyan also a mother who gave birth to a hero? Can anyone explain why a hero is not a mother? Even more so, when at the same time Anna Hakobyan was on the frontline with a weapon in her hand," said Pashinyan.

The Prime Minister also asked if they wanted a new class of unequal persons before the law to be formed in Armenia under any title. "I don't agree because we didn't have enough political will after the first war to prevent the formation of a class above the law in Armenia, the formation of circles, so we lost the second war for that reason as well." The prime minister also raised a question: does the Azerbaijani faction decide whether Ashot Pashinyan is a hero or not or whether Anna Hakobyan is a mother of a hero or not? "Do the people involved in the kidnapping incident want to finish the unfinished work of the Azerbaijani fragment?"