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"If they can't help, don't hinder them or let them solve their problems." Vigen Khachatryan about NK


19 May, 12:31

Vigen Khachatryan, deputy of the KP faction of the National Assembly, referred to the situation around Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to him, experience has shown that when the authorities of Nagorno-Karabakh cooperated with the authorities of Armenia, there was a result, "When they opposed each other, problems arose. It happened in 1997 when Artsakh collided with the authorities of Armenia, and we got what we have now. If they did not oppose in 1997, we would have found the solution."

According to Khachatryan, the situation is the same now, “The problem is in respectful attitude. If the RA authorities make decisions, they should try to understand the reasons for it and not oppose it. If they can't help, at least don't hinder them. Or let them solve their problems on their own."

Khachatryan considered the evaluations given to Armenia by NK MPs as inadmissible, “They should approach with understanding and not take opposite steps. I'm not saying they help, they should at least not hinder. at least. Otherwise, they create problems for themselves, and we try to solve them."

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