The image of the European Union has improved significantly; Nikol Pashinyan

The image of the European Union significantly improved after the Union decided to send an observation mission to Armenia. As "Armenpress" informs, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said this in an interview with the Czech "Respekt" magazine, answering whether Armenia's perception of the EU has changed over the past year.

"It has changed significantly, but it has nothing to do with the events in Ukraine. The image of the EU has significantly improved after the structure decided to send an observation mission to Armenia. It made the people understand that the Union cares about the security of Armenia. In an emotional and political sense, it improved the reputation of the EU, although it was never perceived negatively," Pashinyan noted.

According to the Prime Minister, the EU is Armenia's leading partner in implementing democratic reforms.

"If you were to ask citizens what are the biggest visible changes in Armenia, they would probably mention the creation of the patrol police. We are doing this in cooperation with the EU, and this year we expect the arrival of a new batch of "Skoda" cars in Armenia, so we have a comprehensive agenda in relations with the EU.

After the 2021 elections, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, visited Armenia and promised 2.6 billion euros of support within the framework of the Eastern Partnership. We want that process to go a little faster," said the Prime Minister.