"The struggle of March 1, the sacrifices have reached their destination," Nikol Pashinyan

"March 1 is not a day of mourning at all; it has a wider context," RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the monument's opening dedicated to the memory of the victims of March 1, 2008.

According to him, March 1, 2008, was actually about the lack or absence of democracy, "It was about obstructing, breaking, deforming the people's free will, depriving them of the opportunity to express themselves and make decisions. And this is exactly how we should perceive the idea of March 1."

According to Pashinyan, the struggle and sacrifices of March 1 have reached their destination because the page of falsifying elections in RA has been turned, "The guarantor of it is not any government, party, authority, but the people."

The Prime Minister noted that "on March 1, and later also on September 2020, the wasted time that should have been used to build the state, institutions, independence, sovereignty, prosperity, and economy was essentially expressed."

He emphasized that March 1 was not a cause but a consequence.