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They hope that the Russian peacekeeping troops and other responsible entities will be able to force Azerbaijan to lift the blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh


19 January, 15:06

During the parliamentary briefings following the regular sessions of the National Assembly, at the suggestion of Artur Hovhannisyan, secretary of the "Civil Contract" faction, those present observed a minute of silence in memory of the soldiers who died in a fire in one of the military units of Gegharkunik region.

According to the NA website, Artur Hovhannisyan noted that a criminal proceeding had been initiated, and the relevant bodies will find out the circumstances of the case.

To the journalist's question of whether the resignation of the Minister of Defense is possible in addition to dismissal, Artur Hovhannisyan expressed the opinion that political and criminal responsibility can be addressed after the circumstances of the case are fully clarified.

In response to the question regarding the situation surrounding the peace treaty process, Sargis Khandanyan, a member of the "Civil Contract" faction, said: "I would not rush to conclude that the peace treaty process is at a dead end.

Yesterday, the Foreign Minister also confirmed that the discussions on the text of the peace treaty are ongoing. Armenia has sent the latest proposals to Azerbaijan and is waiting for a response. Of course, the behavior and actions of Azerbaijan hinder the process; it is about the closing of the Lachin Corridor, the violation of the territorial integrity of Armenia, or the continuous non-withdrawal of the troops. The political statements made by the President of Azerbaijan are also an obstacle."

According to Sargis Khandanyan, in a telephone conversation with the RA Prime Minister yesterday, the US Secretary of State also expressed his willingness to contribute to the advancement of the peace treaty process as a mediator. The deputy confirmed. "We do not deviate from our goals and will continue to do everything to make it a reality."

The RA authorities do not interfere in the affairs and internal political life of the Nagorno-Karabakh authorities. This is normal, and it should be. This logic from the beginning has guided us. Therefore, your question does not correspond to reality. Artur Hovhannisyan expressed a similar opinion, answering the question about the resignation of Artsakh Minister of State Ruben Vardanyan, are the RA authorities putting pressure on him?

In response to the question regarding assessing Russia's efforts in unblocking the Lachin Corridor, the faction secretary expressed hope that everyone will fulfill their obligations. "We hope that either the Russian peacekeeping force or other responsible entities will solve this issue and force Azerbaijan's military and political leadership to unblock Nagorno Karabakh and open the Lachin Corridor," he said.

In response to the question of which party is more desirable as a guarantor when signing a peace treaty, Sargis Khandanyan emphasized. "When talking about guarantees, it is not necessary to think whether any country will in any way guarantee the existence of this agreement with its physical or any presence. A guarantee could be, for example, the withdrawal of troops and demilitarization along the border, etc. The mediator must facilitate these agreements to be reached, and we expect that the mediators will also be able to ensure that mutually acceptable proposals are approved and formulated in the text of the peace agreement." It was noted that the process is carried out according to the logic of the process that started with the mediation of the United States, and the part of guarantees is vital for the Armenian side.


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