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According to the agreement reached in Prague, RA is ready for the December 7 meeting. The reaction of the Foreign Ministry to Aliyev's statement


25 November, 15:03

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia responded to the statement of the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, that the scheduled meeting with the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, in Brussels on December 7 would not take place because the Armenian side agreed to the forum on the condition that the President of France also participates in it.

Vahan Hunanyan, press secretary of the RA Foreign Ministry, answered the questions of "Armenpress" about the statement of the President of Azerbaijan, as well as the proposals presented to Azerbaijan by the Armenian side regarding the peace treaty.

Question. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev announced that the meeting scheduled for December 7 in Brussels would not take place due to the position of the Armenian side regarding the format. How would you interpret that?

Answer: The previous meeting in Prague, where an agreement was reached to continue the discussions, took place in a quadrilateral format, and logically, the structure of the forum and the composition of the participants should be the same. All the statements of the Azerbaijani side that the Armenian side is trying to disrupt the holding of the meeting and the peace process have nothing to do with reality. The Republic of Armenia is ready for the meeting on December 7, according to the agreement and format reached in Prague.

Question. During the meeting held in Washington on November 7, Armenia conveyed the Armenian proposals regarding the peace treaty to Azerbaijan. Would you happen to know if there are any developments in this?

Answer: As of now, Azerbaijan has yet to respond to our proposals for a peace treaty.