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"Pashtpan Hayrenyats" program - a form of alternative work abroad after military service


14 November, 12:41

RA Minister of Defense Suren Papikyan presented the draft amendments to the law "On Military Service and the Status of Servicemen" in the National Assembly, which refers to the government's new "Pashtpan Hayrenyats" program.

Papikyan elaborated that with this program, they create a substitute for foreign work after military service: "We will continue this by introducing the institute of professional sergeant staff. Soon we will have such a system that contract employees will have the opportunity to grow."

Papikyan called for comprehensive coverage of that program. "This is a job for our citizens after serving in the army as a substitute for foreign workers, with guaranteed stable social security."

According to him, the issue of social security should become the government's next task in this area.