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To which structures do Serzh Sargsyan donate regularly?


13 November, 18:00

As we already told you, Radar Armenia sent a request to the office of the third president of RA, asking to report if Serzh Sargsyan provided any financial, social, or other support to Artsakh and Armenia during and after the 2020 war. We also asked to specify which departments the president's office worked with and what results were recorded.

Below we'd like to present the answer to the written request received from the office of the third president of RA in full.

"We inform you that during the period you mentioned, Serzh Sargsyan invested all his efforts to be useful in the difficult situation, to support Armenia and Artsakh by all possible means. Sargsyan, through the daily work of the political force he led, the RPA, and the "Luys" foundation he founded, carried out active activities both in the direction of providing the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia with the necessary supplies and also worked on political and diplomatic platforms, in various international structures: Russian, European and by establishing contact with colleagues from other countries, presented the truth about Azerbaijani aggression, expecting their response and political support to the Armenian people.

Until now, Serzh Sargsyan's donations to the "Soldier's House" rehabilitation center and the servicemen's insurance fund, established with his active support during his years of office, are periodic. Recently, the third president of RA has been included in the list of donors of the "Van Voski" nomination in a special nomination for recognition of donors by the servicemen's insurance fund.

On the recommendation of Serzh Sargsyan, the chairman of the board of trustees of the "Luys" foundation, the board of the foundation decided in 2019 to implement the entire restoration project of the Amaras monastery complex in Artsakh, which was launched in September 2019 and is scheduled to be completed in April 2023. The restoration program consists of three stages, within which massive works have been carried out in the monastery complex, which are still ongoing. Details of the program can be found on the official website of the "Luys" Foundation.

Since 2018, retired President Serzh Sargsyan has kept the priority needs of the Artsakh Defense at the center of his attention. In that capacity, within the limits of his capabilities, until last year, the third president of RA organized the provision of significant assistance to the Armed Forces, which was directed, in particular, to the improvement and modernization of the observation system, the acquisition of night vision and thermal targets and equipment, the enemy's attack and suppression systems, fortifications the development of structures, as well as solving the problems of providing technical support with other equipment. The PB may provide details of the said information to the extent permitted.

During the forty-four-day war in 2020, on the instructions of the RPA president, the party representatives transferred several truckloads of medicines, necessary supplies, and other materials to the central base of treatment and medical property of the RA Ministry of Defense on behalf of the RPA.

Many republican volunteers went to the front.

The group of RPA youths went to Artsakh with a specific volunteer mission. They supported the organization of the work of foreign media covering military operations and provided them with the necessary body armor.

The outgoing third president of RA himself went to Artsakh in the first days of the war to participate in any way with his fighting friends, to support, to transfer his own experience, knowledge, and skills for the competent conduct of war and negotiations in the problematic situation. Still, the authorities of Artsakh unwisely did not consider it advisable to take advantage of the proposed support.

The Republican Party led by Serzh Sargsyan stated on September 27, 2020, emphasizing that the Republican Party invests all its potential, including experience and diplomatic ties, to support the sacred struggle for independence of the people of Artsakh because the motherland is the most precious, and his protection is above all else. All further actions follow the logic of this statement.

Regarding the presented information, there are many publications on the Internet, which you can get to know in more detail," said the response to the survey.

Hayk Magoyan