What road map? Sit down with Aliyev and decide

During his speech at the extraordinary CSTO Collective Security Council session, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, drew attention to the fact that Armenia and Azerbaijan were not only part of one state but also friendly to everyone in the CIS.

"The issue is susceptible. This is not a case of CSTO on one side and Azerbaijan on the other. These are our two friendly countries. Yes, indeed, they were part of one state. Moreover, we are a member of the CIS, together with Azerbaijan and Armenia. We have close ties with Orthodox Armenia, which is close to us, and with Muslim Azerbaijan, which is very close to us.

And then, is Azerbaijan an enemy or an opponent of the heads of state and countries present here? No, I confirm President Putin's saying that Armenia and Azerbaijan are our friendly states. And this is the peculiarity of the situation. We can't ignore it. Therefore, it is not possible to raise the question of CSTO on one side and Azerbaijan on the other; it is not correct. Today, Azerbaijan is headed by absolutely our man, Ilham Aliyev. What will happen tomorrow? No one knows; it is not forever. Therefore, these acute problems need to be addressed now, under the current leadership of Azerbaijan, regardless of who is standing behind Azerbaijan. Well, they say Turkey and so on. And what.

What are you fighting for? What are you fighting for in these 2000-kilometer-high mountains? You killed 300 people in a place where no people live, where there are not even goats. Why are you fighting? Sit down, come to an agreement, and let Russia ratify that agreement.

You asked us to state our position. Do you know our work? We want the conflict between the neighboring states to be settled peacefully. The second question: give a road map for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Armenia. What roadmap? I will answer you immediately: sit down, talk to Ilham Aliyev, if necessary, ask the President of Russia and make a decision. If you don't do it today, tomorrow will be worse," Lukashenko said.