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Azerbaijan's aggressive policy is aimed at disrupting efforts to establish peace in the region


23 September, 19:10

Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan participated in the regular session of the CIS Economic Council in Moscow. Within the framework of the session, the Deputy Prime Minister made a speech in which he specifically said:

"Dear Comrade Makashevi,
Dear Sergey Nikolay,
Dear Colleagues,

While in the conditions of observed economic shocks, we are adopting documents within the framework of the CIS on the means of responding to emerging problems and developing methods aimed at mitigating the impact of the current economic situation on the well-being of the citizens of our states, a CIS participating country has launched an unprovoked and illegal large-scale aggression against the Republic of Armenia. Over sovereign territory.

As you already know, on the night of September 12-13, 2022, the armed forces of Azerbaijan attacked the eastern and southeastern parts of the Republic of Armenia, directly encroaching on the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia.

The aggression was carried out with the use of artillery, mortars, and drones; by the way, not only the military positions of Armenia were shelled, but also civil infrastructures in the direction of Sock, Vardenis, Jermuk, Goris, Kapan, Artanish, and Ishkhanasar settlements of Gegharkunik, Vayots Dzor and Syunik marzes. There is evidence of Azerbaijanis torturing, mutilating, and illegally killing captured Armenian service members. The number of people killed and missing due to the aggression reached 207, including civilians.

One hundred ninety-two residential houses, hotels, schools, medical facilities, and other civil facilities were partially or destroyed. As early as September 2, 2022, the Azerbaijani side began to spread false news with groundless accusations about alleged ceasefire violations by the Armenian side, with the explicit aim of providing a good information base for the realization of their conquest ambitions.

We have regularly received and continue to receive information regarding military air transportation from Turkey to Azerbaijan. On September 5-9, the Air Forces of Turkey and Azerbaijan conducted joint exercises, the declared task of which was to destroy the air and land targets of the conventional enemy.

The invented accusations of the Azerbaijani side regarding delaying any process works or negotiations by Armenia are unacceptable. Armenia fulfilled all the provisions of the statements of November 9, 2020, January 11, and November 26, 2021, in a timely and detailed manner and constructively conducted the negotiations.

The aggressive policy pursued by Azerbaijan, taking into account the situation created around Ukraine, is aimed at disrupting the efforts to establish peace in the region.

Azerbaijan's aggression towards the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia by violating the internationally recognized borders of the Republic of Armenia also aims to undermine the work of the Commission on the Demarcation of the State Border and Border Security between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the State Commission on the Demarcation of the State Border between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The claim that Azerbaijan has the right to occupy the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia only because there is no demarcated border is entirely unfounded.

Considering the seriousness of the situation, the Republic of Armenia has decided to appeal to the CSTO and the UN Security Council. We expect that adequate measures will be taken first by CSTO.

We demand that Azerbaijan immediately take all necessary measures and actions to establish a complete ceasefire, return their armed forces to their starting positions and immediately release Armenian prisoners of war. Thanks for your attention":