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The Governor of Syunik received the team of the UN Office in Armenia that visited Syunik


23 September, 15:09

On September 22, the governor of Syunik, Robert Ghukasyan, received the team of the United Nations Office in Armenia, headed by Lila Peters Yahia, the permanent acting coordinator of the United Nations in Armenia, who visited Syunik.
The team consisted of Constantin Sokolsky, Deputy Permanent Representative of UNDP in Armenia; Tsovinar Harutyunyan, Head of the Armenia Office of the United Nations Population Fund; Christine Weigand, UNICEF Representative in Armenia; Andrey Aryupin, Head of the Legal Department of the United Nations Refugee Agency, Armine Petrosyan, Head of Global Communications, as well as Jihan Taulia, representative of the World Health Organization in Armenia and employees of various UN agencies in Armenia, members of the technical team.
Robert Ghukasyan thanked the guests for visiting Syunik in these difficult days, noting that if in previous meetings with the members of this team they discussed and agreed on development plans, now the priorities in the region have changed.
The governor presented to the international partners the situation created in the region as a result of the latest attack by Azerbaijan on the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia, stating that it is a gross violation of all rights. "And this should not be left unpunished, so we hope that the international community will be informed and respond to all this through you because we see that impunity breeds new crimes," said R. Ghukasyan.
During the meeting held at the Marzpetaran, issues related to the region's security in the current situation, the rights of the civilian population, the protection of vulnerable groups , and the smooth operation of various institutions were discussed with the Armenian heads of various UN structures. about security and other issues.
"One thing is clear: Syunik should not be emptied, and we will support the people of Syunik in Syunik," said the head of the region.
He also added that wherever there is an opportunity in the region, the programs planned with the present partners, on which there are agreements in the previous meetings, should be implemented.
At the end of the meeting, the acting permanent coordinator of the UN, Lila Peters Yahia, noted that in addition to the support programs and specific activities in the region, they are ready to transfer the collected information, the suggestions heard and the messages received on the spot to their headquarters.