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The Prime Minister met with extra-parliamentary political forces in the government


20 September, 15:18

In the government, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met the parties' leaders participating in the consultative meeting of cooperation with extra-parliamentary political forces.

The chairman of the "Republic" party Aram Sargsyan, the chairman of the Christian-Democratic Party of Armenia, Levon Shirinyan, the chairman of the "United Homeland" party, Mher Terteryan, the chairman of the Central Department of the Social-Democratic Hnchakyan Party Hambik Sarafyan, the chairman of the Armenian Department of the Social-Democratic Hnchakyan Party Sedrak Achemyan took part in the meeting. Tigran Khzmalyan, President of the European Party of Armenia, Tigran Arzakantsyan, President of the "Strength of the Homeland" Party.