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The USA does not need lasting peace in our region. Baghdasaryan


19 September, 20:15

Radar Armenia's interlocutor is political scientist Armen Baghdasaryan.

- Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, was on a two-day visit to Armenia. What results can be expected from this visit? What was the goal of the USA?

- The United States pursues two main goals in Armenia. The first is to weaken Russia so that there is a tension here, and a second front is opened against Russia, taking advantage of the fact that Russia is stuck in Ukraine and is in a very unfavorable position. The second goal is Iran in the distance. In other words, to further weaken Iran and make the northern borders more controllable for the West.

- The USA, in fact, directly condemned Azerbaijan's attack on the sovereign territory of Armenia. Can these statements have a deterrent effect in terms of excluding such incidents for a long time, as well as withdrawing the troops?

- I don't think so because no matter how much the USA is the number 1 superpower in the world, it still pursues completely different interests and has no real leverage in our region. The Russian-Turkish tandem has absolute power in this region. And as much as it is morally pleasant and beneficial for us, we must understand that in real politics, if at this stage Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia find it convenient to tighten the situation further, the US statements will not have deterrent significance.

- The spokesperson of the President of the Russian Federation, commenting on Pelosi's visit to Armenia, stated: "Steps leading to settlement can be welcomed, but let's see if loud statements will help it." What does this mean? How will you interpret it?

- The United States, by and large, does not need lasting peace in our region. On the contrary, there needs to be tension here so that Russia, the country with the number 1 representation in our area, is involved, even against its will. Which, by and large, is beneficial to the United States. That is why Russia may not need a new hotbed of tension at the moment, or it needs one that it can control, and the US, on the contrary, needs Russia to get involved and thereby get a second front.

Hayk Magoyan