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The deputy ambassador of Germany is shocked by the destruction he saw in Jermuk


17 September, 10:28

The newly appointed deputy ambassador of the GDR, currently the chargé d'affaires Eric Tintrup, is shocked by the images of destruction that he had to see in Jermuk this afternoon. He was one of about 50 diplomats invited to the briefing organized by the RA Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs in that city. This is written on the Facebook page of the German Embassy in Armenia.

"Jermuk is a beautiful, peaceful resort located in beautiful nature. There were also German tourists here on Tuesday. The fact that none of the residents were killed is almost like a miracle because the artillery shots were aimed at restaurants and cable cars located kilometers from the border, only a few hundred meters away from residential buildings and hotels full of tourists," his impressions of the visit. Says the diplomat. The German tourist could photograph the explosions from her hotel room, so close were they to them. "I am extremely concerned. We sympathize with the Armenian people," Tintrup sums up.