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The enemy is 4.5 km away from Jermuk. The head of the General Assembly to the ambassadors


16 September, 13:58

Head of the RA General Staff Edward Asryan presented the consequences of Azerbaijan's military aggression to foreign ambassadors accredited to Armenia. According to the head of the General Staff. "If we are here, then it is the direction where the enemy had some success due to his offensive operations and entered the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia along a front 8.5 km wide and up to 7.5 km deep. The Armed Forces of Azerbaijan carried out those attacks in groups and detachments, and certain groups and detachments are under the control of our units, and are also under blockades.

According to him, taking into account the superiority of the enemy, we lost some combat positions and the enemy was able to penetrate deep into our defense with hundreds of units through those cracks. "The opponent is 4.5 kilometers away from Jermuk, while before the military operation it was 12 km away," informed the head of the General Directorate.

According to him, Azerbaijanis drove 1.5 km in the direction of Inner Hand and Shorzha, 0.5 km in the direction of Ishkhanasar. The traffic in other directions was pushed back.

Asryan also noted that Azerbaijan also attacked the Jermuk cable car. "Azerbaijan struck when there were tourists in Jermuk and the citizens were not evacuated."