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There is an apparent perception that this is aggression, invading the territory of Armenia. Mirzoyan


16 September, 11:17

RA Minister of Foreign Affairs Ararat Mirzoyan presented details regarding the process of consideration of Armenia's application to the UN Security Council.

According to him, no document has been adopted as a result of the discussion, but this should not diminish the importance of the debate. "Nevertheless, even without the document, the international community has taken an apparent position on the issues. The vast majority of countries emphasized the inadmissibility of the use of force, the inviolability of Armenia's sovereign territory, the need to return to the positions that took place before the invasion, and the term "aggression" was used many times. There is an apparent perception that this is an aggression, an invasion of the territory of Armenia, that civil infrastructures have been targeted, that the invader must return to the starting positions."

According to Mirzoyan, many countries have spoken about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. "I will not exaggerate if I say that the thesis of the leadership of Azerbaijan, which they have been trying to circulate for more than a year, that there is no NK problem, there is no NK, received its equivalent opposite reaction from the international community."

Mirzoyan gave words of appreciation to those countries that boldly stopped putting a sign of equality between the aggressor and the target of aggression. "I must admit that we had a little more expectations in the case of individual countries or countries. And it's no secret that those expectations were sometimes not met."

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan also noted that during the phone conversation with the French President, an agreement was reached that the situation should continue to be the focus of the UN Security Council.