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The Prime Minister urged to prevent any attempt to disrupt the activities of the RA Armed Forces


16 September, 12:03

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan urged the law enforcement agencies at the government session to prevent any attempt to disrupt the activities of the RA Armed Forces.

According to him: "Any attempt to disrupt the activities of the armed forces of Armenia must be prevented by the harshest methods, regardless of the motivations and emotional state of the operatives.

During and after the 44-day war, unfortunately, we had cases; in those cases, it is good that an intensive investigation is underway and there are court cases. Any person's status does not allow him to act outside the law. Regardless of one's emotional state, if one crosses the line of the law, one must feel the law enforcement system in very concrete, swift, and brutal ways. This is a matter of national security. We are not going to compromise here."

The head of the government also emphasized ensuring information security. "We see that some suspicious persons can create threats to the country's national security with questionable information. It is, in fact, an agency network in RA. Recently, the NSS has been very successful in identifying agency networks, but I think that we have not solved our problems with agency networks yet; we must continue to carry out consistent work in that direction.