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"It is necessary to act constructively, to put pressure on the parties so that they work towards a peaceful settlement." Miroslav Jenca


15 September, 19:14

The military aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan against the territorial integrity of Armenia is being discussed at the urgent session of the UN Security Council. Miroslav Yenca, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations for Europe, Central Asia and the Americas, issued a statement stressing that the United Nations is not authorized to verify or confirm the statements of the Armenian or Azerbaijani side regarding the escalation.

"However, we are deeply concerned about this dangerous escalation. We urged the parties to immediately take clear steps to stabilize the situation. The UN teams operating in Armenia and Azerbaijan maintain contact with the authorities and are ready to respond to humanitarian needs," he noted.

Yencha emphasized that in 2020 then this is the biggest conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

"This means that the settlement process between the parties faces serious obstacles. This also emphasizes the need for the parties to move forward in the demarcation and demarcation process within the framework of recognizing each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity," he noted.

The official stressed that the tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan can destabilize the region.

"It is necessary to act constructively, to put pressure on the parties so that they work towards a peaceful settlement. In this regard, great mediation efforts are being made, particularly by Russia and the European Union. It can be a basis for the parties to start a dialogue towards long-term peace," he noted.

Jenca emphasized that the UN maintains close ties with the interested parties, including the OSCE. He expressed confidence that despite the mistrust and contradictions between the parties, they can be overcome.

He added that the parties should fulfill the 2020 their obligations under the tripartite declaration of November 9 and called for a return to the negotiating table and steps towards signing a lasting peace agreement.