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Maps without sound legal basis are just paintings. Pashinyan (VIDEO)


14 September, 16:56

During the NA-government question-and-answer session, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan touched on border demarcation and the boundary between Armenia and Azerbaijan. According to him, maps without appropriate legal decisions are just paintings. Pashinyan noted that if we talk about maps, we should rely on those maps based on a legal basis.

According to the Prime Minister. "The borders separating Soviet Armenia and Soviet Azerbaijan, which by the way in 1991 were ratified by the parliaments with the Alma-Ata declaration of CIS formation, have already been recognized. And the claim that there is no border between Armenia and Azerbaijan is not true. That border exists, and that border has been violated by Azerbaijan, which carried out two-stage aggression. The first stage was held on May 12 last year, and the second stage is being implemented now."

According to Pashinyan, Azerbaijan has carried out military aggression, and RA should use all diplomatic, political, and military-political methods to protect its territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence.