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"We hope the decisions made at the CSTO session will become a reality as soon as possible." Armen Grigoryan


14 September, 21:19

Armen Grigoryan, Secretary of the RA Security Council, announced on Public TV that Armenia's expectations from CSTO are high. 

"An extraordinary session of the CSTO was held yesterday at the level of the country's leaders, decisions were made, and we hope these decisions will become a reality as soon as possible. We expect that the Russian Federation will provide sufficient military and military-political assistance to Armenia so that Azerbaijan withdraws its troops from our sovereign territory," said the Secretary of the Council of Ministers.

According to him, Azerbaijan does not hide its aggression in any direction; the RA armed forces, civil infrastructures, and the Russian armed forces are targeted.

"Our army continues to resist and try to protect the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia; the army will continue to fulfill all the tasks set before it," said the Secretary of the Security Council.