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The enemy is intensively shelling the positions of Jermuk and Verin Shorzha


14 September, 12:40

The RA Ministry of Defense made a statement a little while ago, denying the views of the Azerbaijani side that the Armenian Armed Forces shelled their positions.

"The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, adhering to its method of continuously spreading open lies, issued a statement claiming that on September 13-14, Armenian units shelled the Azerbaijani positions. This is another piece of disinformation, which, as we have already been convinced, serves as an information base to carry out military aggression against the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia.

As mentioned, this night, the Azerbaijani armed forces, targeting both military and civilian infrastructures, used attack UAV, and in the morning also started intensive shelling, explicitly targeting the combat positions and border settlements in the direction of Jermuk and Verin Shorzha. The adversary receives a worthy response; the RA Armed Forces fully fulfill the combat tasks.

As of noon, the intensity of the skirmish in the remaining directions of the enemy's aggression has significantly weakened.

Considering that videos made by the Azerbaijani propaganda machine, including fake videos made during the 44-day war, are widely distributed on various social platforms, we urge you to refrain from referring to them in any way, let alone publishing them.

The Ministry of Defense will regularly issue official reports on the developments of the situation.