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Andranik Kocharyan calls for solidarity (VIDEO)


14 September, 12:44

Andranik Kocharyan, the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Defense and Security of the National Assembly, called for solidarity in his speech.

He says, "Without solidarity, the problems of our borders have no solutions. We have overcome the border issues, all the reforms we started and are implementing without our opposition partners, and the goals that were set to question our legitimacy."

According to him, it is necessary to implement plans that will give our people confidence in their strength. "There will be temporary setbacks, and these should also be quickly resolved, but any action that undermines the confidence of our Armed Forces must be condemned. There are no situations of intolerance during the war."

He called not to doubt the RA Armed Forces. "We have had more difficult days in the past; we have overcome it, we will overcome this too, and we will move forward."