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The Prime Minister announced to reform the Armed Forces as quickly and effectively as possible


13 September, 12:11

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that reforms are underway in the Armenian Armed Forces. In this context, he reminded. "After the 44-day war, Azerbaijan has stated several times that if it sees that the RA Armed Forces and the Army are gathering a certain potential, which, according to its wording, may pose a threat to Azerbaijan, they will carry out pre-offensive actions."

Pashinyan assured. "We need to reform our army, our Armed Forces as quickly and efficiently as possible by all means to ensure the security of Armenia."

The Prime Minister also talked about acquiring new weapons. "There are countries that are ready to sell arms to Armenia, but there are also countries that are not ready for the fact that Armenia will buy components from the country that is ready to sell arms to us. We can say that they are not ready; they are not prepared, it is their job, but this brings consequences, including security. Usually, weapons are bought to manage the security threat, but there are situations where the purchase of firearms is connected with the emergence of new security threats.