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Yerevan 17 ℃

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The National Assembly called on the international community to strictly and directly condemn Azerbaijan's actions


13 September, 15:17

The RA National Assembly stated Azerbaijan's attack.

"On September 13, around 00:05, units of the Azerbaijani armed forces, using artillery, mortars, and anti-aircraft fire, opened intense fire at the Armenian positions located in several parts of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border at once. In particular, the places found in the direction of Sotk, Vardenis, Goris, Kapan, Artanish, and Ishkhanasar were shelled. Both military and civilian infrastructure are being hit. In some tips, the Azerbaijani units have taken actions of positional advancement.
In the current situation, we express our full support to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia in preserving the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Armenia. We call on all political forces, all our compatriots, regardless of political positions, to maintain calm and unite around the Armed Forces. The motherland of all of us needs a united and robust defense.

We call on the international community to strongly and directly condemn the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan's military and political leadership against Armenia, the gross violations of the principle of prohibition of the use of force, and the threat of force against the territorial integrity, stipulated by the UN Charter.

We expect the UN Security Council to immediately discuss the situation and implement actions arising from the case.
We demand the CSTO implement immediate measures arising from the obligations assumed by the Collective Security Treaty aimed at preserving the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia.

We appeal to the Russian Federation to implement as soon as possible the obligations stipulated in the respective agreements signed between the Republic of Armenia and the Russian Federation to protect the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia."