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This is a classic example of mandate theft


12 September, 20:56

Artur Hovhannisyan, secretary of the RA NA "Civil Contract" faction, wrote on his Facebook page:

"The autumn session of the National Assembly has started. We have essential projects to discuss related to our people's well-being and the state's security.

However, the so-called opposition group, like schoolchildren who ran away from classes, does not appear again at the sessions to serve the interests of the citizens who voted for them. This is a classic example of evading responsibility and stealing mandates. If before they stole the government mandate from the citizens, now they have stolen the opposition mandate.

Our compatriots who voted for the opposition should ask these people why they continue to hold mandates and get paid for not working at the taxpayers' expense. If they continue this behavior, we will be able to address the issue of appealing to the Constitutional Court in December, after the end of the session.
I wish the National Assembly fruitful and practical work for the sake of a peaceful and powerful state."