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Instead of apologizing for past irreparable mistakes, Oskanian wants full powers


9 July 2023, 20:00

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Vardan Oskanyan repeated the proposal he made the other day, by which he will be able to introduce drastic changes in the negotiation process in 3 months if he and a group of diplomats are given full authority and not interfered with and remain silent during that time. At the same time, Vardan Oskanyan presented his ideas about the negotiation process, saying that the agenda should be understood.

We won't be able to address the arguments caused by Oskanyan. How realistic and feasible they are in today's negotiation process can be answered by the direct participants: the prime minister, the foreign minister, the secretary of the Council of Ministers, and others.

This statement of Vardan Oskanyan is remarkable in another respect. "Full powers" are wanted by a person whose 10-year term in office has caused irreparable losses to Armenia in the Nagorno-Karabakh negotiation process.

The most telling episode, which Oskanyan told in his book in 1998. It is the meeting of the Security Council of January 8, when, in response to the question of President Ter-Petrosyan, whether it is possible ever to receive a document in which reference will be made to the status of Karabakh without fixing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, Oskanyan expressed the opinion that it is possible, then added. "To say that my answer was based on some analysis would not be correct..."

Of course, time showed that Vardan Oskanyan made a grave mistake in expressing that opinion, which was not based on any analysis. But the misfortune was not Oskanyan's mistake, but the consequences that this mistake had for Armenia. Irreversible tragic consequences. Oskanyan himself admitted that this answer "decided" the outcome of the Security Council session and the course of subsequent events, which led to the coup d'état. Armenia, 1997 After the phased version, it was impossible to reach a document in which reference would be made to Karabakh's status without fixing Azerbaijan's territorial integrity. On the contrary, all the documents in which the right of self-determination of nations was fixed in the context of determining the status of Nagorno-Karabakh at the same time mentioned the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

And now, after so many years, Vardan Oskanyan has never apologized for his mistake. At least we have not come across such a statement either in writing or verbally, and not only us.

The other most significant mistake was the expulsion of Nagorno-Karabakh from the negotiation process, which was the dream of the Azerbaijani side, and which Robert Kocharyan and his Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanyan "gloriously" realized. Of course, today, Oskanyan can declare that he has nothing to do with all that, that it was Robert Kocharyan's sole decision. However, the mistake was made and had a breakthrough effect on the philosophy of the whole process, or rather, on the corruption of that philosophy (although we will not mind witnessing Oskanyan's series of testimonies against Robert Kocharyan).

We won't be able to discuss further details of the negotiation process because it was all a consequence of the mistakes already.

And now it is surprising how Vardan Oskanian dares to ask for sole powers after all this when the Armenian side registered failures when he had those powers.


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