And who will appear from heaven and solve our problems?

Sociological polls are constantly published in Armenia, according to which there is disappointment and indifference toward the current political actors. Unfortunately, this reality is apparent, and there is no need to conduct serious polls to be convinced of it. We will be correct if we say that the created situation is somehow even natural, considering the political system that has been degraded for years and the crucial importance of money in the political field.

But more than recording the situation is required. Moreover, I need to find solutions to get out of the case now. And this means that it is necessary to solve the issue of mistrust, to stop the wheel of disappointment and indifference. Of course, it is not easy, it is tough, but if it is not feasible, we will doubt the existence of our state. The alternative can be painful. In the political arena, marginal groups, fringe figures, political clowns, or remote control operators by external power centers can rise to the occasion. Some signs are already there.

Ahead of the forthcoming mayoral elections in Yerevan (and those elections are almost second to the national elections in their scale), public sentiments are essential, and we must take them into account and draw conclusions. To put it mildly, the wave of disappointment and indifference in Armenia does not speak of a good thing but of the problems of the political system. In this regard, the voter, when entering the polling booth, should also think about who he/she trusts with the status of the epicenter of the country or the second most influential official in politics.

Discussions and conversations about the created situation are primarily mechanical, with the logic that there is a demand for a new force, a new leader is needed, etc. But there needs to be an in-depth study, nor a practical understanding of what that new power should be and with what content. Talks about a new person and a new leader only go beyond good wishes. They have always been there as if someone from the sky will appear and give all the solutions. Today we are witnessing sad attempts to repeat that complex. Meanwhile, the emergence of a new force, a new leader, is not a guarantee that the existing problems will be solved or that this force will be able to make the "dream" come true. One can constantly criticize the current government for its failures and mistakes; one can continuously talk about the predatory nature of the previous ones and, in sum, talk about the new power. And who should be that force, and from where? Nothing will happen from scratch, just like that. Galust Sahakyan, the former Speaker of the National Assembly, said in his speeches: "You are zero; zeros have no way." Now it is in this case.

Therefore, we need the restoration of political immunity and the basis for forming immunity of a new quality in practice. He said there is a need for a substantive conversation about politics, political phenomena, and the restoration of stable confidence in them.

Even more so, when the transition is essential for natural transformations and a specific generational change in political systems, this is not only a problem of political security but also for the state because, especially in the parliamentary government system, the establishment of the political field is critical. It is a matter of keeping the spine of the state straight.