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Daughters-in-law are ready to sit, and Saghatelyan is prepared to run


4 December 2022, 19:30

In a briefing with journalists, Ishkhan Saghatelyan, the representative of the General Assembly of the ARF, stated that his family and relatives had been subjected to illegal pressures in the last six months.

He said that his father was interrogated as part of the criminal case, and their house was also searched. "My father urged me: there is no backing down from the struggle. The Daughters-in-law of our house are also ready to sit. Let them do whatever they want to do," the former deputy speaker of the National Assembly boasted to reporters and added that they could not intimidate him.

The statements of the confederate figure sound bold. Before talking about readiness and not being afraid of  "daughters-in-law of the house," Ishkhan Saghatelyan would have done right to remember how he ran away from the police trying to arrest him with lightning speed during one of the protests. That run took a worthy place in the recent history of politics. And after that, when Saghatelyan talks about not being afraid, he is not very convincing.

Of course, it is difficult to say how each of us would behave if we were detained. However, an ordinary protester is one thing, and the person who applied to lead those protestors is another thing; moreover, the representative of the supreme body of the 130-year-old party. And with that run, Ishkhan Saghatelyan dealt a severe blow to his political career.

By the way, during his briefing today, Ishkhan Saghatelyan stated on the one hand that their movement had yielded results. Still, on the other hand, he talked about waging a struggle against the government by any method, even resorting to a popular uprising, stressing that this step is justified in the current situation.

Let's start with the fact that if their movement has produced results, why is Saghatelyan talking about an uprising? If it gave results, they would have continued the actions, not returned to the parliament headlong.

And if we are talking about the right to revolt, it should be noted that the ARF figure has made such a call more than once. During the spring rallies of the previous year, he declared that rebellion was the people's natural right. However, the calls neither for rebellion nor, in general, for uniting and standing up got nowhere. The witnesses of what was said are the few people's rallies organized by them. Even the oppositionists admitted they could not achieve a change of power because securing a critical mass on the street was impossible.

And why was it not possible? The answer should be sought in the same opposition. It is unlikely that a power that does not apologize for its adventurous policy will be able to register success. A power lacking political thought and speech is unlikely to succeed. In addition, the actions of the opposition begin and end with false nationalism. The proof of what has been said is the draft of the statement presented on the subject of Artsakh at the extraordinary session of the National Assembly they invited, seasoned with false patriotism and pathos, leaving aside real politics and realities.

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