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Armenia is in front of informational threats. What is the real purpose of media attacks?


15 August, 20:30

Yesterday's fire and explosion in the "Surmalu" shopping center shocked Armenian society. The reason is not only the scale of what happened. The events of recent years have significantly sensitized public perceptions; any small or large force majeure is accepted and digested by the public organism with incredible difficulty. This painful reality has led to a situation where the social organism is more prone to irrational, often conspiratorial explanations of events, which, of course, have objective grounds.

At first glance, only the information strategy is within the interests of the sector's stakeholders. Seeing the clear trend in each crisis, the need for such a strategy becomes a political priority. Delaying this strategy can at some point lead to a situation where even the soberest sections of the public will either succumb to the influence of information diversions or leave the platforms of information consumption, adopting a strictly apathetic, essentially also apolitical attitude, which, after all, is one of the targets of such sabotage.