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"Red Cross" employees met Armenians remaining in Karabakh (VIDEO)


19 October 2023, 14:32

According to the Multinational Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) report, ICRC teams visited the Armenians remaining in Nagorno-Karabakh to assist people after their deportation following the military operations.

"A small number of people remained in their homes, either by choice or because they could not leave alone. Some need medical care, food, and water. Others ask for help contacting relatives or arranging transportation to leave. Our teams also supported transporting dead people to the morgues," the message reads.

ICRC teams are in contact with the few residents who have remained in their homes. The organization also discovers new people. "We recently met a man who lived in a small stall in a shopping center. The ICRC team was approached by a man who lives in a remote mountain village with his 92-year-old father. He was unaware that so many people had left the region because there had been no electricity, television, or radio for several weeks. Aharon Ghazaryan noted that he saw from afar that they had arrived. "I was going to the water and saw you were here."

"When people fled, I could not leave with my father because he is old. Thank God that you came, we saw, we got information about what is happening now," said Aharon Ghazaryan.

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