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Even today, this ordeal that plagued us left us no choice but to continue the struggle for the sake of Artsakh. Minister of Internal Affairs of Artsakh


2 September, 12:54

Artsakh Minister of Internal Affairs Karen Sargsyan's congratulatory message on Artsakh Independence Day:

"Dear compatriots

In the recent history of Artsakh, September 2 was the day of the declaration of the Republic of Artsakh.

Regardless of the complex geopolitical situation around our homeland and the problematic situation created due to the siege, this day is the dream day of Artsakh Armenians, which was fixed in 1991 in the joint session of the region and Shahumyan District Councils held in Stepanakert.

Therefore, it has been 32 years since the age-old dream of our people came true.

The Republic of Artsakh was proclaimed during our country's challenging and seemingly hopeless period. The desire to have a homeland was great, but maintaining its independence was expensive. Even today, this difficult period, which seems endless, is an eloquent witness to our unbreakable dream.

Glory and honor to the memory of the heroes who died in the battles for the defense of Artsakh; glory and honor to the devotees who protect the security of the homeland and the rights of our people.

32 years ago, we believed in the idea of independence, but the path was full of many obstacles. Even today, this ordeal, the deprivations, and the catastrophic situation have left us with no choice but to continue the struggle for the sake of the Republic of Artsakh, independence, and self-determination.

Strength, endurance, and strong will to our compatriots."

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