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The Azerbaijani side fired at citizens in Artsakh


1 March, 21:26

On February 28, around 4:55 p.m., 53-year-old A. Avanesyan of Myurishen village, Martuni region, while carrying out agricultural work with a "Jonder" tractor in the area called "Under Asphalten" of the administrative area of Berdashen village, rounds of fire were fired from the enemy's combat positions with rifles of different calibers. In the direction of the tractor, and as a result of which, the agricultural works were stopped.

Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire regime today as well. On March 1, at around 14:00, 59-year-old S. Vardanyan of the Berdashen community was carrying out agricultural work with his "Belarus" tractor in the area called "Davala" when a round of fire was fired at the tractor from the adjacent Azerbaijani military positions, Which was the reason for stopping the agricultural works.

Materials were prepared and presented to the Russian peacekeeping troops in the Martuni regional police department.


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