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Araik Harutyunyan released Ruben Vardanyan from the post of state minister


23 February, 16:30

On February 23, a government meeting was held under Artsakh Republic President Arayik Harutyunyan.

The head of state presented the military-political and socio-economic situation created in the Republic due to Azerbaijan's blockade of Artsakh and the measures taken by the authorities to solve the arising problems.

At the government meeting, President Harutyunyan also published the decree dismissing Ruben Vardanyan from the post of state minister. He highly appreciated Vardanyan's efforts to raise international awareness about Artsakh and solve many internal problems during the blockade.

"Ruben Vardanyan and I have been together this whole time, following the events and developments happening in Artsakh and the outside world daily; we have constantly exchanged ideas about solutions to the existing situation. I am grateful to Mr. Vardanyan for the fact that he always tried to share the responsibility with me to the maximum extent in both friendly and partnership relations and did not try to make it difficult for me by referring to the constitutional norms. But on the other hand, he was aware and understanding of the scope and extent of my responsibility for the situation created in Artsakh and all future problems," the head of state emphasized.


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