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The Azerbaijani military demanded the Artsakh citizens working in the park to leave under the threat of using weapons


18 November, 21:37

The Artsakh prosecutor's office stated that in recent days, along the Artsakh-Azerbaijan contact line, Azerbaijan has been trying to terrorize the civilian population and disrupt the "normal" course of people's lives. 

"Targeted shots are being fired from different firearms at people doing agricultural work on the agricultural lands adjacent to the contact line, damaging the farm equipment, forcing them to stop the work related to land cultivation or harvesting. Cases were also recorded when the armed Azerbaijani military approached the citizens of Artsakh working in the park and threatened to use weapons to demand that they stop the work and leave it.

Today, the Azerbaijani side again opened fire with different firearms, this time in the administrative area of ​​Hats village of Martuni region, at the people doing agricultural work, damaging the tractor. In the Taghavardi section, loud music of a religious and ritual nature was played. All the listed criminal cases are recorded and documented by the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Artsakh according to the procedure established by the criminal procedure legislation.

The prosecutor's office of the Republic of Artsakh immediately reports the cases mentioned to the prosecutor of the peacekeeping mission in Artsakh. For these urges always remain unanswered.

To deny that the Azerbaijani authorities organize the criminal harassment against the citizens of the Republic of Artsakh, Azerbaijan should at least bring criminal responsibility to the persons who committed such acts, but not only is no step taken in this direction but Armenian hatred and manifestations are encouraged by open and deliberate inaction." - said in the message.