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Yerevan 22 ℃

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"We do not have a people to subject to genocide and repatriation." President of Artsakh


14 September, 22:10

The President of the Republic of Artsakh, Araik Harutyunyan, issued a call.

"No circumstance can divert us from the path we have chosen, from the international recognition of the independence of the Republic of Artsakh on the primary and non-negotiable basis of the right to self-determination of the people of Artsakh.

Artsakh cannot and should not be part of Azerbaijan because, firstly, the people of Artsakh decide their destiny in their homeland, and, secondly, we do not have a people to be subject to genocide and repatriation.

We have stated this many times, and now we reaffirm that all those documents that can recognize Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan are unacceptable to us. On the other hand, we should all realize that the path of our struggle in this difficult situation is long and full of challenges. However, I am sure, with nationwide efforts, we will eventually achieve our goals.