"Iran will soften its relations with the West." Iranologist

Radar Armenia's interlocutor is Iranologist TiI ran Davudyan.


- The newly elected president of Iran, Masoud Pezeshkian, invited the president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, to Iran. the invitation was accepted by Aliyev. How do you interpret this step of the newly elected president?

- The President of Azerbaijan in his congratulatory message to the newly elected President of the Republic of Iran, Mr. Pezeshkian was invited to Baku, and in his thank-you speech, the Iranian president also invited Mr. Aliyev to Tehran. Iran and Azerbaijan have a large number of issues to discuss, and it is natural that the two presidents would like these issues to be resolved before a day. They are the regulation of the normal work of the Azerbaijani embassy in Iran, because two years ago there was a murder in the embassy building, and Baku requires additional security measures. Both countries have large economic and commercial projects, the implementation of which should be given new momentum. one of them is the reservoir on Araks, in the opening of which President Raisi participated and on his return he was a victim of an air disaster. Azerbaijan unilaterally closed its land border to Iranians and also persecuted religious groups, which are primarily pro-Iranian.

- Can the new president of Iran introduce changes in the country's foreign policy?

- The Iranian president's powers in the field of foreign policy are limited. Foreign ministers are generally accountable to the country's leader rather than the president. Former Foreign Minister Zarif, who is also Pezeshkian's teammate, has repeatedly complained about the "field commanders" - Maidan, who interfere in the affairs of the Foreign Ministry. he is referring to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. There will be a big fight in the parliament in the appointment of ministers, and Pezeshkian's opportunities there are very limited. These days, the newly elected president of Iran receives congratulatory messages and informs all the leaders of the world that Tehran is a supporter of peaceful and friendly relations. Mr. Pezeshkian also said very warm words to the RA Prime Minister that Armenia has a special place among Iran's neighbors. "The border between us, even if it is small, is a border of hope and peaceful living. Our fundamental policy towards you is irrevocable. We respect the territorial integrity of all countries and are against the change of any internationally recognized border. We welcome the Armenia-Azerbaijan peace talks and are ready to support them."

- Will Pezeshkian succeed in regulating relations with the West, if the final word is the spiritual leader Ali Khamenei?

- There are many challenges in the regulation of Iran-West relations. What will happen to Iran's nuclear energy and missile development programs, cooperation with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Iran's presence in the Middle East, who will be the new US president? Based on Iran's economic situation and domestic and foreign policy perspectives, Leader Khamenei will personally develop a direction and assign it to the president's team. In my opinion, Iran's relations with the West will go towards softening, because if Trump succeeds, the sanctions will be tightened, the sale of oil will be difficult, and the popular protest will increase.

Hayk Magoyan