"Tel Aviv is the most opposed to the package version of peace in this case." Gantaharyan

Radar Armenia's interlocutor is international expert Shahan Gantaharyan. He referred to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

- Mr. Gantaharyan, I would like to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. How do you evaluate the current course?

- The current process is pre-ceasefire. It is not excluded that there will be a ceasefire. The main point is the temporary nature of the truce. Tel Aviv wants to radically remove Hamas from the Gaza Strip and condition the ceasefire agreement with that. The international family, in this case, the USA, wants to agree on a phased package. There is a very sharp non-Israeli divide, and extreme right-wing elements in the government are threatening to dissolve the government.

- Hamas has announced that it will respond to the ceasefire offer soon. Is the ceasefire in Gaza realistic?

- I think that Hamas will agree to the package version of the road map to peace. In this case, the most opposing party is Tel Aviv, which does not want any agreement without the radical dissolution of Hamas. The agreement will be actual if Israel meets the American project.

Arman Galoyan