"Yerevan and Baku must have the will to take the settlement out of geopolitical competition." Atanesyan

Radar Armenia's interlocutor is Vahram Atanesyan, a former member of the Central Committee of Armenia and NKR National Assembly.

- Azerbaijan declares that the signing of the peace treaty should not be a hostage to the border demarcation process. In your opinion, should these two processes be considered separately or in an everyday context?

- In general, there can be no package adjustment. The problem is the complexity of harmonizing the principles.

- Hajiyev states customs and border controls are expected to be abolished only when transporting goods from Azerbaijan to Nakhichevan. He also noted that this transport connection will not deprive Armenia of its border with Iran; it will not divide Armenia into two parts. How do you interpret this expectation of the Azerbaijani side?

- I think this issue should not be made into an idea-fix and say that if the Horadiz-Nakhijevan railway works, then "Armenia is divided, Syunik is occupied." Armenia and Azerbaijan can and should agree on border and customs regimes and legal regulations of international transit. The direct arrangement is preferable to third-party "guarantees." Ultimately, political will must prevail over domestic or foreign conjuncture.

- The Turkish side also announced that it expects to implement the Zangezur Corridor project by 2029, adding that Nikol Pashinyan has given positive messages. In your opinion, what does the Turkish side mean by positive messages?

- Apparently, it is because Armenia has expressed readiness to discuss issues related to the simplification of transit with Azerbaijan.

- Armenia and Azerbaijan are again talking about the process of signing the peace treaty. Moreover, the Azerbaijani side sees no obstacles to signing the contract. Does the signing of the agreement depend on Armenia and Azerbaijan or the wishes of the superpowers?

- Yerevan and Baku should have mutual and equal will to take the regulation of relations out of geopolitical competition. It's too complicated. I stand by my point of view. An opportunity to agree on the principles of settlement, establish diplomatic relations, and resolve all issues step by step is feasible.

Hayk Magoyan