"No country in the region is interested in the Crossroads of Peace." Surenyants

Radar Armenia summarized 2023 with the chairman of the "Democratic Alternative" party, Suren Surenyants.

- How do you evaluate the past year in the context of geopolitical realities?

- The year 2023 was the most tragic in our history after 1915 because we lost an Armenian world, Artsakh. Geopolitical realities are again developing in an unfavorable context for Armenia because, on the one hand, Armenian-Russian relations have been reduced to zero. On the other hand, relations between Armenia and the West have no content now. Yes, there is some activity; we see the frequency of visits and impulses, but so far, I do not see content because we have yet to formulate the accurate benchmark we expect to receive from the West.

- To what extent can the "Crossroads of Peace" project be implemented?

- I spoke about "Crossroads of Peace," but unfortunately, no country in the region is interested in it. Some countries see their competition even there. Only Russia can be interested in it if it controls those communications. On the other hand, we are witnessing the exact opposite logic of the Armenian government's policy. He is even trying to refuse the settlement of point 9 of the tripartite statement of November 9. I don't see any prospects for "Crossroads of Peace."

- How will Armenian-Azerbaijani relations develop in 2024?

- The Armenian-Azerbaijani relations will also be complicated because, no matter how much we say that the peace agreement is close, it is evident that Azerbaijan is not interested in signing the agreement. He will try to bide his time so that, due to the elections in the USA and Russia, the international attention towards our region will weaken, and he will be able to take advantage of the situation by putting additional pressure on Armenia.

Hayk Magoyan