The "king and queen" of Chinese cuisine (PHOTOS)

National cuisine is a part of the culture of any country, mainly because tourists focus on not only the sights of this or that country but also the cuisine.

And what can be eaten in China? If you love seafood, bite, and sharp sensations, then the unique Chinese cuisine is just for you. Chinese cuisine has a rich menu, each different and unique.

Radar Armenia presents two of the most famous dishes, considered the jewel of Chinese cuisine.

The Chinese talk about the Peking duck with pride. This dish is famous not only in China but also in many countries around the world.

At the invitation of the Chinese Embassy in Armenia, a Peking duck feast was specially organized for the journalists and bloggers who visited China. Chef Chin reported that the Peking duck became popular as early as the reign of Emperor Yun. In Chinese restaurants, Peking ducks have the same weight. Ducks are bred in such a way that they do not gain too much weight. To prepare Peking duck, they first prepare a marinade, then marinate the whole duck, and then cook it. Chinese duck is served with thin slices and a special sauce. They make soup with boiled duck broth, the taste of which reminds me of Armenian kash.