Schwarzenegger posted a photo after the surgery and thanked him

A few days ago, 76-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he underwent an operation to install a heart pacemaker. Fans of the "Terminator" star are very worried about his health, so they actively write comments on social networks with questions about the actor's well-being.

In his blog, Schwarzenegger published a photo and told how he felt after the operation. Apparently, after the installation of the device, the artist's strength doubled, as he returned to work just a few days after being discharged.

"Thank you. So many warm and kind messages from all over the world," Schwarzenegger thanked fans.

He said the device runs on batteries and is used to regulate heart rhythm. According to the actor, the device will in no way interfere with his active lifestyle. Moreover, already in April, Schwarzenegger will start filming a new project.