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The money from selling "Chelsea" could have been transferred to Israel or Turkey instead of Ukraine


29 November 2023, 14:25

With the money received from the sale of "Chelsea," which Britain intended to transfer to Ukraine, they wanted to move to Israel. The Telegraph reports.

According to the source, the proposal was discussed after the start of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Currently, the UK is said to have rejected the high-profile offer, which ministers believe was the brainchild of ex-Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich to avoid prosecution in Russia.

It is also reported that in addition to the possible use of the money for humanitarian purposes in Israel after October 7, Abramovich offered the option of helping the victims of the February earthquake in Turkey.

According to other insiders, Abramovich was not aware of these negotiations, and Israel conducted the discussion of the money transfer.

Remember that Roman Abramovich sold Chelsea football club to American businessman Todd Bowley for 4.82 billion euros last year.

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